hi my name is Austin White, im 17 years old and a senior in high school. bullying is nothing to be joking around with. I was bullied in middle school and I know what it's like, I had thoughts of suicide but now I walk through school with my head held up high. there's always hope out there for you. I'm just here to help people that went through things like me.
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    im so cute.

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    history is our playground

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    I don’t know, I felt like drawing one of my oldest ships…yeah

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  • Unite 11-13-2014

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    where did they film the Hoth scenes

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    how many super star destroyers does the US military have

  • Tim Cook, speaking to USA Today about the criticism he and Apple have gotten over the past few years. (via parislemon)

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  • "I don’t mind taking blows; frankly, my skin is so thick now that I’m a bit of rhinoceros from that point of view."
  • Original photos taken by Sammy Balleto [don’t remove this]

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